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Maa Saraswati Hospital was established by Dr. Gyanendra Goel and Mrs. Swarajya Lata Goel in the year 1950, in Mathura. Hospital has ever since been striving to provide affordable healthcare services to the people around the region for over 7 decades.

Both Dr. Goel and Mrs. Swarajya Lata Goel hailed from well renowned educated families. Dr. Goel’s father was a renowned physician with a flourishing practice in Meerut. In order to serve the people and establish himself, Dr. Goel decided to leave Meerut and set up Maa Saraswati Hospital in a rural Jaisinghpura area of Mathura to provide affordable healthcare and medical facilities to the poor and the underprivileged. He pursued his specialization in Tuberculosis Surgery. It is to be noted that the chances of survival for Tuberculosis patients back then was negligible and Mathura was one of the most backward rural districts in the area.

For almost 25 years hospital has served as a beacon providing surgeries and healthcare to TB patients and gave the patients a genuine chance of a long life post recovery. By the mid 70’s, Dr. Goel pivoted the hospital to serve as a centre for Paediatric care under the stewardship of Dr. B. C Goyal.

Under the able guidance of Dr. Poonam Agarwal our Opthalmology department, started in the year 1998.
Along with an ongoing Paediatrics and Ophthalmology Department, a department of Neonatal Surgery as well as Gynaecology was also started under the aegis of Dr. P. R Gupta in the year 2008.


Families from far and wide who were unable to bear the high costs of healthcare in nearby cities like Agra and Delhi, came to our hospital for neo-natal and paediatric surgeries. Our hospital also participated in the Marigold scheme initiated by UP Govt in partnership with USAID with the aim of encouraging institutional delivery and promoting maternal and child health services at 50-60% of the private hospital rates.

Over the years we have transformed to finally a Geriatric Hospital at present. With the progress of the country in the health sector over the last 50 years, life spans have increased thereby giving rise to the problems associated with the elderly. Given the shift of the society towards a nuclear family, the elderly are not able to seek medical care when needed. We started the Ophthalmology and Dental Department considering the requirements of the elderly, with the thought that while they are rushed to the hospital for major issues but still many smaller (but as important) health issues were left unaddressed. Though they may not be life threatening, they vastly affect the standard of living of an individual.

The Department of Dentistry was started by Dr. Shailesh Singh and Dr. Vineeta Gupta in the year 2009. It has been growing and flourishing ever since and we now have a 8 chair practice that provides quality dental care to patients. We have also initiated many training programs to provide Graduate BDS students with an opportunity to get training before they step out in the real world.

In keeping up with the same theme of providing quality Geriatric Healthcare, MSH (in association with Rotary Club Mathura Central, Mathura) started a Dialysis Centre for the underprivileged under the name Rotary Dialysis Centre in the year 2018. We have emerged as the biggest service providers in the district. It is a matter of great pride that throughout the COVID era our dialysis department worked meticulously and in fact saw a surge of patients as many of the other reputed centres in the area had to shut down due to many reasons during such difficult testing times. Our hospital maintained high level of sanitization along with strict adherence of all the protocols and guidelines as issued by the government from time to time and came out victorious without any break in services throughout the COVID times. We have 10 dialysis machines which are used throughout the day to provide affordable and best in class dialysis services to not just people of the town but also all around the region. At present we clock about 600-700 dialysis session a month.

We also have a Homeopathic Department run under the guidance of Dr. Sadhav Malhotra. He provides consultation services for skin related issues, hair related issues, Male diseases, Children related issues and also any issues concerning physical and mental health.

We have started with a fully equipped Orthopaedic Consultation and Surgery Department in February 2023 to cater to the needs of any issues related to the bones. This department is in line with the rising problems of the knee and arthritis problems in the elderly owing to Lifestyle.

The Gynaecology department has opened in our hospital in April 2023 and is running under the guidance of Dr. Surangana Agrawal (MBBS, DGO, DNB). She is a qualified Surgeon having varied experience in the field of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. She holds Expertise in Prenatal Care and Counselling, Antepartum foetal surveillance and Intrapartum care and delivery of Normal and High- Risk Pregnancies. She also specialises in Adolescent Care and Management of Gynaecological problems.

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